Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Roseyray

From Mark Hammer: Based on the Voodoo Labs Overdrive pedal, this increases the gain and double clips the signal to provide very heavily distorted signal at the output of IC2 and less overdriven signal at the output of IC1. The tone control blends between the two outputs to morph between two very different sounding distortion. To accentuate their difference, the first one is run through a lowpass filter with a 2.3khz rolloff (6K8/10n), and the second is run through a mid-scooped wide notch filter made up of the 22K/10K/.001µ/.1µ network. This is lifted directly from the classic Univox Superfuzz. Rotating the Tone control blends from a warm overdrive tone an over the top  death metal tone. Settings around the middle give a brighter buzzy kind of sound over top of a moderate distortion.

This is a VERY loud pedal with lot of gain than can easily overdrive your amp's input stage. I used some 190K pots for the tone and volume controls because i had them and needed to use to make use of some custom knobs. 250K pots are the nearest equivalent and should work just fine.

This pedal runs off +9V  dc, and uses a standard dual op-amp and red LEDs.

Geiri's demo:


  1. Verified, works but it is quite noisy. Might be the fact that I was using single coils though. I had to rush out so the pedal is still open. I'll report back when I've tried with humbuckers and closed the enclosure.

    1. Excellent, nice one Ásgeir, thanks for verifying

    2. Hey I forgot to mention that the gain pot is reversed. I made a quick video demonstrating it so you can hear it. It's not my cup of tea but I bet someone likes it! I think the tone knob is interesting and makes it quite versatile for the types of distortion it is.

      Here's the video:

    3. Layout fixed! Thanks again!

  2. hello guys, I have finished my project base on this layout doesnt work. I think I did it very carefully. I can hear the clean sound when pedal is Off but there's no sound when its On. The indicator led is working fine, but I found only ONE led on the layout light there anything should I check? thnks

  3. my pedal is working now,....but, it only have a weak gain...far far away from Death Metal tone...I use one regular red led and the other one is BRIGHT RED LED. Could it be a matter??

  4. Built this today and its really not that bad. Used NE5532 ic.Socketed LEDs to see what others would give in variation and although got some interesting results 3mm diffuse red still came out best for my taste. Again another heavy fuzz disortion for the collection..nice!

  5. The Youtube demo is what it is supposed to sound like, with the exception of the reversed Gain control. The most appealing aspect of the circuit for me was the way that the "Tone" control essential changed the character of the sound as you rotated it.