Monday, 30 January 2012

ZVex Super Duper 2 in 1

Another popular one from Zacky baby.  And on the plus side the layout ended up looking like a spaceship out of Gradius 3 :o) (showing my age there!)

Hermida Mosferatu - 3 knob

3 knob versions of this higher gain brother of the Zendrive. 

Jetter Gain Stage Red

Hmmm this looks familiar!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Devi Ever Karaoke Party

A quicky for you Devi fans.  This is actually a really good sounding overdrive for such a low parts count.  I did a layout for this previously based on a guessed schematic but this is the corrected versions from Devi's schematic.

Monster Effects Swamp Thang

I did this layout based on Dirk's schematic here.  Now verified.


Proco Rat

And a slightly more compact layout

Video of Geiri's build:

Bigfoot FX Magnavibe

I'm bored of dirt layouts (until the next one!) :o)  Check the notes on the LED/LDR

Friday, 27 January 2012

DAM Drag'n'Fly

Another one requested by a few people.  I did a tagboard layout a couple of years ago but it was based on an incorrect schematic so I pulled it and have been meaning to do this one for a while now.

Compact version

Customary mojo version

Lovepedal Delux Sixty

Anti-popping resistor added to the input after the discussions below:


Lovepedal Karl

Thursday, 26 January 2012

ZVex Fuzz Factory vero

Another that I thought I'd already posted.  I'll add a more compact layout in the next day or so

Geiri's demo video of his build:

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lovepedal English Gent

Is that the lot yet?

Univox Super Fuzz

Note the pin layout required for the transistors.  This will accommodate many modern NPN silicon transistors, but you will need to either alter the layout or twist over pins if using transistors with a different pin layout like the 2SC828s used in the original.  One for a 1590BB, but I'll do a 1590B friendly version at some point.

BJFE Sea Blue EQ

I did this one a while ago and it has been posted on a number of forums but just realised I haven't shared it here yet.

Update 22nd June 2017:
Some information that was very generously shared by Bjorn about this circuit

Hi Mark,

For your blog:

The original BJF SBEQ used 2N3819 transistors selected to give a source Voltage of approximately 2V’s and consequently then a Drain Voltage at a little over 6V’s. In production SBEQ has used 2N5458’s, 2N5259’s, J113’s selected the same way for Source Voltage at about 2V’s and Drain about 6V’s
Note that with J113 that has higher yfs gain limit resistor of first stage was altered from 1K to 3K Ohm’s. The Source Voltage and the Drain Source Voltage set the headroom of circuit.

If say J201 or 2N5457 were to be used in the circuit then connect a 10M Ohm resistor from B+ to gate to lift the gate a bit and allow some headroom and for second transistor then add an input capacitor of 47nF and thus allow to shift DC on the gate of the second transistor.
When biasing check for about 2V gate range to allow circuit to run fairly clean.

You can replace the lower resistor in Bass control circuit to adjust mid point- note that center frequency is about 740Hz and so when you have Bass and Treble turned down you get a peak filter with 740Hz center but when you use mid control as described you won’t access the exact frequency since the lower resistor off sets the whole filter.

Coming soon is a version of SBEQ with Mid control and that is made with a gyrator connected at Source of first stage and then gain limiting resistor is increased to 5K1 and the gyrator only makes boost at center frequency but it allows both Treble and Bass to be boosted while retaining mid focus and for anyone who wants to build their own it would be very simple to add a gyrator centered at 800Hz with a Q of 1,6 and thus neither Bass or Treble can affect Mid control but it will be centered at reference frequency.

Decoupling of second stage is set to shift full bass boost from 50Hz to 100Hz by introducing a 6dB slope and thus limit the bass excursion to 15dB instead of 20dB by the roll off that then makes a hump at 100Hz; equally the Drain filters serve to limit excursion of treble at 7KHz coinciding with the bandlimit of a standard tape head and also with a standard guitar amplifier speaker and this limit was set by ear from listening to a 70’s HiFi speaker defining where loss of’ vital' treble would occour……

You may post this as my answer on your blog should you so wish

At your service

ZVex Box of Metal

Another one to keep you busy for a while.  This version is the effect only and no gate so you'll have to use an ISP Decimator or something with it if it's noisy :o)

Hermida Zendrive

Another popular pedal and rightly so, this is a great sounding overdrive.

Geiri's video of his Zendrive build with AMZ MiniBooster in the same box.  Thanks for the vid mate:


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

EHX IC Big Muff

I wanted to try this one out with a quad opamp and so thought I'd put together a couple of layouts, one for the 1977 version and one for the 1978 version with a tone bypass switch.

I have done a version of the 77 with all the diodes laid out on the board, but to keep the width down to allow this to be mounted in a 1590B box I decided to simplify the diode layout, so D1 and D4 are each 3 x 1N4148 diodes in series.  They're small enough to allow you to make these groups of 3 up yourself (and maybe cover them with shrink tubing) without looking unweildy on the board, so I thought it made the most sense to keep the layout as compact as possible.

Both layouts were put together with the TL074 opamp in mind, but if you use a non-fet based quad opamp then the 1M resistor from pin 10 to the supply rail should be changed to 820K.

Layouts were based on analogguru's schematics but are currently unverified, so if you build this up then please let us know how you get on.

IC 77


With 2 position SPDT toggle switch for Tone Bypass

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mini JFET Blend

A simple mini blend layout based on Sean's JFET schematic here:

Will easily fit in a 1590A box and I probably wouldn't even use a stomp switch with this because in the unblended position of the pot, this will essentially be just a JFET buffer.  You could always add a mini toggle to bypass it completely if you wanted to.

This will make a useful little tool to experiment with blending dry and effect signals together, or to allow you to use a digital effect 100% wet so your dry signal isn't being digitised.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Keeler Pull

I posted this a while ago but someone said they had a problem with the build and so I pulled it and then promptly forgot!  I've just noticed that since then the same guy confirmed the layout is good so I may as well post it up again.

ROG Whisker Biscuit

I thought a few Big Muff fans who were looking for something a little different may be interested in this.  From the runoffgroove website: "The Whisker Biscuit is a hybrid of the Bazz Fuss and the Big Muff Pi. A single Bazz Fuss stage replaces the two clipping stages of the BMP. Smooth, super-long sustain, and good clean-up with the guitar volume knob make this circuit an interesting alternative to the standard BMP."

They suggest that for "a velvet-like reduced treble sound" you can add a 47pf cap (or choose a value to taste) in parallel with the 470k Base/Collector resistors in Q1 and Q3.  Like you see in the Big Muff circuit.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

DAM Sonic Titan with modified tone stack

A few people don't like the tone control on the Sonic Titan, so this is a modification based on Skinpimp's Sonic Samurai.  Apart from the tone stack modifications, all the other Titan components and values remain true to the original.

DAM Sonic Titan

I did a mojo axial layout for this a while ago and wanted a more compact layout too, so here it is.  If anyone wants the axial version let me know and I'll dig it out and post it as well.

And one for DSG pinout JFETs such as the 2N5457, 2N5458 or J201

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

DAM Meathead Deluxe

A few people have requested this so I thought I'd get one put together.  Based on my previous layout but with some obvious differences due to component changes.

And a mojo version for those who prefer it

Video of Geiri's build:

Monday, 16 January 2012

Lovepedal Super 6

The Lovepedal library continues! :o)

More compact version without the unnecessary 100nF filter cap

Thursday, 12 January 2012

DAM Super Bee

One requested by fx40b and including two layouts, one compact and one for DAM type axial mojo goodness!  This isn't yet verified and so if you make it successfully then please let us know.