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  1. I miss having a search function box at the upper left of the main page. I used it all the time to look for a specific circuit.... Did it get lost and not find its way home?

    1. Hi Andy. What I do is click the "Site Map" tab on the navigation bar at the top (where you are now). When you are on this page, all you have to do is type cmd+f (mac) or control F (PC). This brings up a current page search bar. Type in the pedal name you are looking for. Its really quick and easy when you are used to it.

    2. I do that or just search in google for "tagboardeffects name of pedal" and it's usually the top link.

    3. I wrote simple javascript to do that on the fly:
      you can copy it on the JS console of the browser, and then just use the search function as example:
      This will match every line in the map which name or description contains the keyword "fuzz" no matter the case (upper or lower)

      To restore the entire menu just do search("")

      Obviously the content will get refreshed anyway if a page refresh occur.

      function search(str){
      var nodes = $$("div#bp_toc > table > tbody > tr");
      var header = $("div#bp_toc > span.toc-note");
      var counter = 0;
      str = str.toLowerCase();
      for(var i in nodes){
      var e = nodes[i];
      // text node
      var txt = e.getElementsByTagName('td')[0];
      txt = txt.getElementsByTagName('a')[0];
      if(txt!==undefined) {
      txt = txt.text;
      txt = txt.toLowerCase();
      // tag node
      var tag = e.getElementsByTagName('td')[2];
      if(tag!==undefined) {
      tag = tag.textContent;
      tag = tag.toLowerCase();

      if( (txt!==undefined && txt.includes(str))|| (tag!==undefined && tag.includes(str)) ) {
      console.log("%c"+txt+"\t%c"+"("+tag+")", 'color: red', 'color: blue'); = "";
      else = "none";
      header.innerHTML = "Displaying all "+counter+" posts";

  2. Any chance of a fuzzrocious demon king layout?

  3. hello. do you fellas could sometime in the future add a layout for the zvex tremorama? <3

  4. This is great! Helped me realize that I missed a few layouts using the right side menu. Thanks!

  5. Official request: will you please do a layout and schematic of the Lovepedal Bonetender Fuzz?

  6. Does anyone know what's happened to the Forum section of the site? Seems to have vanished.