Sunday, 8 April 2018

FV-1 Pedal

BuGG from has created an EZ FV-1 module for vero layouts.
It is available here:
This is what he wrote about this circuit in our Forum / Requests section (schematic available there):

"This is a fairly straightforward single-algorithm FV-1 circuit, it would be a nice starting point for learning how to work with the FV-1.
For easy stripboard building the PedalPCB EZ FV-1 module is available, a through-hole FV-1 module for stripboard/breadboard layouts.  (ready to use, no SMD soldering required)
The pin spacing is standard 0.1" x 0.6" so it can be handled like a standard PDIP-28 (WIDE) IC.  

The 24LC23A must be loaded with an algorithm in bank 0, although multiple switchable programs are possible by pulling pins 16, 17, and 18 high (corresponding to the binary encoded bank number).
The internal algorithms can also be used by grounding pin 13.
There will be pre-programmed EEPROMs available soon for those who just want to build the thing and not fool around with programming as well."

... and a more "experimental" version: