Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Rockett WTF

7 weeks I've had a bloody trapped nerve in my back now, but I thought I'd better at least attempt to concentrate enough to do a layout every so often so you don't get bored.

The B%st pot is just a second volume control with the B%st stomp selecting between the two.  I have shown the B%st LED connections for the switch, and to complete it you will need to connect the anode to 9V via a limiting resistor to taste.

Info about the original:
The WTF Fuzz is the fuzz for people who don’t like fuzz! Get mild OD sounds all the way to crazy random octave fuzz. You can achieve sounds similar to a trumpet or trombone as made famous by Paul Trombetta, who created this circuit for us….Thanks Paul!!

Thanks to Matt for the schematic for this Bosstone based effect.

and a modded version following suggestions from Paul Trombetta