Sunday, 14 February 2010

Zwiss Army Knife Drive



ZVex Woolly Mammoth

ZVex Super Hard-On

Original version:

New version with zener diode:

ZVex Mastotron

ZVex Fuzz Factory - updated 22nd Jan 2011

ZVex Box of Rock - Updated 6th December 2010

Stand-alone Box of Rock circuit:

and complete version with Super Hard-on:

Ultralord - Dirty Sanchez


One for the brave people out there! :o)  Now verified by riffer.

Picture of Simon's build (riffer on FSB)


C1 - 22nF
C2 - 1uF
C3 - 47nF
C4 - 51pF
C5 - 220nF
C7 - 47uF
C8 - 1uF
C9 - 220nF
C10 - 100nF
C11 - 10uF
C12 - 100uF
D1 - 1N914
D2 - 1N914
D5 - 1N914
IC1 - JRC4558D
Drive - 500K
Level - 100K
Tone - 20K
R1 - 1K
R2 - 510K
R3 - 10K
R5 - 10K
R6 - 4.7K
R7 - 51K
R8 - 1K
R9 - 10K
R10 - 10K
R11 - 220R
R12 - 510K
R13 - 10K
R14 - 10K
R15 - 100R
R16 - 10K
R17 - 1K
R18 - 1K
R23 - 1K
Q1 - 2SC1815
Q2 - 2SC1815

Trotsky Drive

Ruby Amp

Soulsonic JFET Boost

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz

Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz

and modified version removing the 220R resistor and 1nF cap.  Some people think it sounds better:

PNP Germanium Buffer

Slightly modified values giving greater input impedance and resulting in a slightly brighter tone:

Mosrite Fuzzrite

Below is a modded version as per J's comments below. Give it a try and see what you think:

Millenium Bypass

MI Audio Boost & Buff

Original version:

Modified with TB-Buffer selector switch:

Menatone Red Snapper - 3 knob

Lovepedal COT50

Landgraff Boost

Keeley Katana Boost

UPDATE (09-02-2012):
Without the chargepump and so requires an 18V supply.  The schematic that the earlier layout was created from has been shown to be incorrect.  In the scheme the switchable 10u cap was linked to the source of Q2, this in fact needs to link to the source of Q1.  Apologies to anyone who has made this up, but it is a quick fix, just unsolder the cable and re-solder it into it's new home as per the updated layout below:

Here is a simple vero chargepump layout if you need a 9 to 18V converter:

Jordan Bosstone

JFET Buffer

Harmonic Percolator

Alf Hermida trace:

Collective effort layout:

Fulltone Fatboost V1



Original version:


and the updated parts values:

Effector 13 Soda Meiser

DAM Red Rooster

DAM Meathead

Crackle Not OK

COT50 with Briggs mods

Burns Buzzaround

Babylon 2

Assassin of Silence by Rick Holt

Alembic Stratoblaster