Sunday, 14 February 2010

Harmonic Percolator

Alf Hermida trace:

Collective effort layout:


  1. Hi,
    compliments for the great site, that I just discovered now!
    Can you suggest me which diodes to use in the "collective effort layout"?
    Thank you..!

  2. Beautiful pedal!
    Finished at midnight with great satisfaction. I discovered I love tag boards..!
    I used an original vintage 2N404A, a 2N3565 (TO18 can) and two Germanium 1N695 diodes.
    Excellent sound and great fun building it!

  3. Worth remember that 2N3565 has EBC pinout, but 2N404A has CBE pinout. So you have to cross C and B legs of the 2N404A, using obviously some shrinking tube.