Sunday, 14 February 2010

Millenium Bypass


  1. HEy Mark

    Got a conundrum. Built a pedal, works, did some tweaking. Now, it still works, but the Millenium BYpass circuit doesnt illuminate the LED. Tried other LED and I didnt change the circuit just tweaked the in an out cables. It still works 100% except the LED. What did I do?!



    Ps using the board not the tag layout..

  2. ignore fixed...I had blown the LED..

  3. Hi people, This is my first time making this vero, the pedal its self EM Drive works and I'm very satisfied but the led is always on and I get the sound only when the switch is pressed. I think I'm messing up somewhere but I don't know where...I have changed 3 BS170 and it's the same Please help. I have this switch

    1. You have the wrong switch, that one only switches when pressed ("momentary"). You need the latching switch version. Btw. I don't think you gain much if you get your switches at Tayda, they have the 3pdt footswitches for the same price...