Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Madbean Turnabout (JHS Andy Timmons)

Brian's take on JHS Andy Timmons pedal.
This is not an exact clone of the original circuit and the video is for reference only:

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Madbean Wigl (Vibe)

Brian's take on John Hollis Easyvibe.
You can find his 1590G size boards on his website.
Check his original notes here for more infos on how to build this project!

 Here is another version with Mark Hammer's anti-ticking mod as suggested by Ciaran:

Monday, 28 March 2016

Chunk Systems - Brown Dog

Chunk Systems - Agent 00Funk

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Madbean Glam (Chorus)

Here is Brian's new PT2399-based chorus.
You can find all infos from his website here.

Here is a video by Ciaran:

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Madbean Fencepost (Noise Gate / Expander)

Here is Brian's version of Armdnrdy's project from the DIY Forum.
You can find the original thread with all the infos here and Brian's version here.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Parasit Studio - Arcadiator 2.0

A new release by Fredrik (Freppo) from Parasit Studio.
You can find all infos and pcb on his website.
There is also a layout for his new Sentient Machine on our Forum/Contributions section.

Here are two videos for v. 2.0 and v.1 to give you an idea until a new video will be recorded:

You could add his Modboard daughter-board for extra modulation:

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fuchs Audio Plush Cream

Some info about the original:

The Tube Screamer might be the most popular and famous overdrive pedal ever made. Made popular by SRV and countless others, the TS-808 (and its derivatives) have become legendary. When we designed the Plush® Cream™, we sought to produce a pedal with the 3-knob simplicity of this classic pedal, while refining the overall design to modern boutique standards. In addition to the selected Integrated circuit, we carefully chose each resistor and capacitor to voice the Cream™ to be quiet, smooth yet articulate, and dynamic. It responds well to both picking strength and guitar volume, and, best of all, it feels like a tube amp. The gain control takes you from a mild edge to the hardest scream. The tone control takes you from a warm "woman tone" to a screaming lead tone with just the right amount of sparkle. Choose your tone, then set your level with the output control and rock on!

Another layout, this time with the addition of the diode in the power filtering network. There are a few changes to the original layout that will allow for the diode to be easily inserted.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Hofner Buzztone

   I know nothing about this pedal, but it seems interesting so here we go :)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

FYA Scream Queen Overdrive

I guess this should be posted here as well. My take on the TS clipping amp with some changes. Brief description and some discussion at FSB.. Due to nature of relatively high gain and the input buffer design, i recommend using a switching jack that'll ground the input jack tip when plug is not present. Currently, the squeel when nothing in the input jack is the only downside to this circuit i'm aware of. And yes. It sounds pretty damn good. Sort of like a sleekier bastard son of Clark Gainster and vintage TS808.

This also utilizes the SIP opamps some of you may already have laying around.

...and here's another version of the same circuit that uses way more common DIP opamp. While the chip initally was 4558, you should try on what you want. I bet it'll sound good with LF353, OPA2604, AD712, NE5532, etc. DIP layout is currently unverfied... verified too.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sunn Beta Preamp

This is a single channel version of Sunn Beta Bass & Lead Preamps.
You can find the original FSB thread here.
There are two different sets of caps depending on which version you want to build.

You could use Mark's Bipolar Voltage Converter if you want:

You could also use this external board to wire a Bass/Lead Switch instead of using fixed caps:

(20/H, 19/C, 22/J.. are board's points coordinates where C1-4 should be placed)

If you want to build the original A/B Channels version just build 2 identical circuits and connect their outputs to the daughterboad below

Electro Harmonix '75 Unknown Muff

Here's a layout for a big muff from a schematic from October 15, 1975. It's known as the mystery muff. Should be a nice addition to any muff collection.

The only deviation from the schematic is that I added the mids switch, I changed the 1uF caps to polys instead of electrolytics, and added a polarity protection diode. The transistors are unknown so I looked at the schematic for muffs of a similar vintage and they used BC239C's, but you can and may use more common Si transistors like 2N5088, 2N5089, etc. The diodes are also unmarked, as they were unknown from this vintage so I marked them as the common 1N914/1N4148's, but you can try other Si diodes.