Sunday, 29 November 2015

Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme

Info about original:

The Supreme has all of the sounds and abilities of the Standard and Primitive Pharaohs, but with some very useful additions and a bit of a twist.
In place of the hi/lo switch,the Supreme utilizes a variable pre input control to infinitely adjust the saturation of the front end of the circuit from 1 to 10. In Place of the 3 way diode selector, the Supreme utilizes a 6 way rotary switch to select from the Standard Pharaoh diode settings, plus an additional 3 setting not available on the previous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh supreme allows selection from the following diode settings: Germanium, Asymmetrical Germanium(standard Pharaoh), Silicon (standard Pharaoh), Mosfet,LED and Bypass (standard Pharaoh).

The Pre knob control in addition to the Clip knob, produce an array of sounds and textures that expand the Pharaoh into the ultimate, or Supreme fuzz-stortion that Black Arts has produced.

Layout Updated:

A second layout for this effect, sorta requested, so i made a few modifications to the original layout posted. This once adds another space for the 2nd Ge diode for the asymmetrical clipping, and replaces to last clipping sockets with a single jumper, which should be there anyways. If you want to play with the clipping arrangements instead of the stock, use the clipping board in the first layout.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Zorg Effects - Glorious Basstar

Here is a great bass overdrive by Zorg Effects.
Gabriel, its creator, shared its schematic on FSB for everyone to use.
You can find the original thread here
If you want to have a look to his other projects or buy any of his PCBs, you can check his website:

30/11/2015 - Layout updated!
Reversed pots orientation.

Original info:

How many times have you plugged your bass into an overdrive pedal and being deceived by the output sound : no more bass, too compressed, loss of precision, not violent enough, too muddy... The glorious basstar can fix all these problems.

The Glorious Basstar is a 3 bands overdrive: it cuts the signal in three frequencies bands : bass/mids/trebles. Each band can then be saturated independently and mixed according to your taste. One can get a very large choices of sounds with a bass guitar. By choosing to saturate one band or another and then mix them with cleans band you can get back your bass, attack, precision and grain. It's the ultimate bass overdrive, but it's all up to you:

By saturating the bass, you'll get acid fuzz distortion.
By saturating the mids, you'll get vintage overdrive tones.
By saturating the trebles, you'll get more modern overdrive.
By adding clean bass, you'll get back subs in your tone.
By adding clean mids, you'll get back bite.
By adding clean trebles, you'll get back attack.
But you can choose to overdrive more or less each band, it's up to you to choose what fits you best...

Lastly, the Glorious Basstar can also be used as a 3 bands equalizer or a booster if you don't overdrive any band.

Here is the original video of his pedals (the Glorious Basstar is at 1:50)

Friday, 20 November 2015


Four Valvecasters in series!
You can find the original schematic here.

Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold

Original infos:
The Acapulco Gold is a dirt-simple power amp distortion device that's based on the vibe of a cranked Sunn Model T. 
You know what is awesome?
Simplicity. One button, one knob. How loud would you like it?
Just move the knob.
This is the spirit of rock and roll. Quit turning knobs and play that guitar like you mean it. 
While playing, you may want to try ignoring our suggestion and try fiddlin' with your guitar's volume and tone knobs as these can drastically affect the sound of the Acapulco Gold.
The volume knob on your guitar cleans up the pedal nicely, but not too clean.
At minimum guitar volume settings, the Gold imparts a hazy, Nashville-sounding spank to your tone. At just-barely-backed-off, the Gold turns into a raunchy overdrive.
And of course when the guitar volume is completely open, the Gold roars like a Model T on the verge of explosion. It's not quite fuzz, but so close.

This is a very loud pedal.
As Nocentelli pointed out on the original FSB thread here, there are 2 types of videos:
a carefully produced one from PGS (where it's probably used to massively drive a nice tube amp)

 and a more realistic one where the volume knob is set much lower

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Human Gear Animato

A Bass/Guitar distortion pedal made famous by Christopher Wolstenholme of Muse.
For infos on this project check the original threads on DIY and FSB 
(If you build it for bass you should add a blend circuit to improve the sound)

Mojo Hand Colossus Fuzz

Info about the original:

ALL HAIL THE COLOSSUS!!! Unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the Colossus is THE be all end all Russian/Civil War Muff style fuzz. Ridiculously tweakable, insanely versatile, and packed with 10 tons of Colossal Mojo. Rich harmonic drenched chords, sweet singing leads, sludgy stoner goodness, filthy bluesy mcnasties, Pumpkin flavored raunch…you name it, it does it. It features a 3 way toggle for different EQ voicings, as well as a full range “Mids” control to help you cut through the mix in a live setting.

  Edit: Corrected 2 values. the 2.2nF cap in the tonestack (column k/rows f-h) should be 22nF, and the 5.6nF cap (column b/rows h-l) should be 56nF. This should fix some of the issues with the tone and output of the effect that has been reported.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Madbean FatPants Jr.

Madbean's 2015 version of his FatPants boost.
No videos available at the moment.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Madbean Flabulanche / Snow Day Overdrive-Compressor

Here are Jon Patton's original Snow Day Overdrive and Madbean's modified version (Flabulanche).
You can find all infos on Brian's website:

Jon Patton's video:

- 2n5457s are biased around 12V.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Schumann PLL

This is a layout for the original 12V AC version.
There's also a +9V DC schematic but it has never been verified.
You can find all the explanations in FSB and DIY

Layout Updated!
"Con" Switch added