Saturday, 14 November 2015

Madbean FatPants Jr.

Madbean's 2015 version of his FatPants boost.
No videos available at the moment.


  1. for some reason comments aren't posting, but I just ordered and built this PCB from madbean. I couldn't find a 1054, but I went with the 1044, jumpered pins 1 and 8 and used a 9.1 zener. It was the current one for sale on the 1590A section of his shop.

  2. Hi, I finished another project (the Openhaus) but I have a problem with the charge pump.By itself it works and produces 18 volts.When i connect it to the board when i measure it it produces around 7 volts...Why is this happening and what could i do to fix it?I use the LT1054 CN IC as you use in this schematic.Sorry for posting on another project but it uses the same IC and no one answers on the openhaus post.Please help

    1. Do I see a FET there? What FET is recommended? By the way - this looks like a nice project and the demos of other FatPants pedals sound really good. They don't have the JR. but they say most versions are similar. This one has the charge pump.

      You can also use an ICL7660s or MAX1044 for a charge pump, pretty much interchangeably.

    2. As usual with Madbean projects, it is worth looking on their site for the build documents, which usually provide a lot of help.
      They use a J201 in this build.

  3. Post on the forum! Someone will help you there...

  4. Is there a sub for the 15v zener? Thnx!