Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Clark Gainster - compact version

Here's a version of the Clark Gainster for those who don't want to use the massive paper-in-oil caps in the version posted previously.  I only put in the large axial 100u cap because there was a bit of space in the bottom right of the layout and I had some that size.  You can obviously use a smaller radial cap here but there's no scope to further compact the layout because of the other components around it.  Still this will easily fit in a 1590B and so gives an option for a "Small Box" Gainster.

Geiri's demo vid of his supercool build:

Kit is the 3 knob version 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

JFET Parallel Looper

This is one of those versatile builds that could be useful for a number of different tasks.  Effects and dry signal in parallel, 3 channel splitter/mixer, 1 input 3 outputs for using multiple amps, 3 inputs into one output to use multiple instruments, convert serial effects loop into parallel ... and so on.  I made it 3 channel so I could put two mono effects in parallel and then have the third channel to pass the dry signal via a patch lead if I was using digital effects and wanted them wet only, so as not to digitise the main dry signal.  It can be easily adapted for more or less channels depending on what would suit you.

Based on the AMZ splitter and a generic JFET mixer circuit.

Fuzz Face PNP negative ground with simple bipolar power supply

This one will let you continue to use the more consistent PNP germanium transistors, but the charge pump will provide a -9V supply, so the ground at 0V can be daisy chained with all your negative ground effects.  The same structure could be used with any circuit that is usually PNP like the Rangemaster or Tonebender.