Monday 4 September 2023

Thorpy FX The Dane

As requested on the forum, this is the original version of The Dane based on schematics found on one of the effect PCB sites.  A Drive only version was requested so I've done this on two separate boards for Drive and Boost, each with their own independant supply filtering and Vref components.  If you want to build the whole thing you can either do it on two boards as shown, or it should be easy to adapt to a single board, and you could even potentially make them a bit smaller by removing the duplicated filtering and Vref parts.

Info about the original:

Tuesday 3 January 2023

T-Rex Mudhoney V1.1

I recall reading how most of the Mudhoney DIY builds were just not sounding right.. Recently re-traced on FSB by Kasper, from his V1.1 version of the pedal - there may have been a fault with the schematics that previously floated around the web. When i saw this, i thought "the switch shouldn't work like that".. But it seems like it really does, and with this configuration, instead of the Ruetz-style mods on the Rat, one may finally get that Mudhoney (err.. tuned Rat?) tone out from a stripboard. There are the BJT transistor buffers in place to keep the topology close to an idol, but obviously the electronic switching is removed to accomodate true bypass. The oldee PSG demo may look outdated today, but it does not sound bad. And hey! It starts with a Dinosaur Jr riff with the pedal!

I'll leave a note on the orginal take of this layout...

..And there's been slight development. This V2 of the layout incorporates 47R CLR for power supply and a 10K pulldown at the output as on Kasper's later revision of the schem. Making this now verbatim with the original. I doubt it'll sound any different from the slightly smaller layout above. But for the sake of completeness.. Here's a layout again as revision 2.

Monday 2 January 2023

Devi Ever/Dwarfcraft Devices Super Soda Meiser

This one was recently traced on FSB and as i have a soft spot for Devi & Dwarfcraft circuits alone and together, i had to draw it up.. A bit like original Soda Meiser, or at least some revisions of it, but this time with a Chaos switch and a Drone-knob.

Dylan159's Boot Fuzz

2023. How the heck are we still alive.. No matter. Let's do another layout or two. This time, another nice, loud little circuit from Dylan159's Unrealeased Circuits - From the source:
Boot Fuzz. I found this simple old-school microphone preamp, and noticed the similarity with the Fuzz Face, also claimed to be based around a microphone preamp, but in this case the second stage is an emitter follower bootstrapping the load of the first for big gains. So I thought why not fuzzing it up by increasing the gain? This ends up being similar to an Escobedo circuit, but with a different, more stable biasing. 

Sunday 25 December 2022