Monday, 30 January 2012

Jetter Gain Stage Red

Hmmm this looks familiar!


  1. I needed to swap (Drive 1) and (Drive 3) to get clockwise gain increase, does that seem right? Otherwise works like a charm. Sounds tops!!

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  3. Excellent, thanks for verifying it and for the pic. I do cock up the pot numbering sometimes :o) I always assume that in a schematic the numbering always follows this convention:

    so the wiper is always clockwise from 3. But not everyone does that and many just put the pot on the schematic in the way it best aesthetically fits the layout. My fault for not always checking.

    This, Zendrive and Mosferatu have all been corrected! :o)

  4. WOW. This one's actually a killer bass drive. I used 1N4148s for D1 and D2, a 1N34 for D3, and 2N7000s for Q1+2. I also tried a 1M log for the drive, and I think that's too much. I also auditioned several opamps:

    LM358: Muddy, almost fuzzy quality. The clear loser.
    LM833: Dark, but clear enough to play chords with.
    OP275: Super clear and articulate.
    This one shot up to the top of the boxing list. A great pedal for those who don't want the bells and whistles of a Zendrive (or for those who can't find any 10K lin pots :D)

    1. Run this pedal at 18 volts. Just... just do it. It took an already awesome pedal, and elevated it to near perfection. I changed the drive pot to 500kA, and it's much better as well. Come to think of it, linear may actually work a bit better than log in this situation. The OP275 is still my favorite op amp so far, but the LM833 got infinitely better at 18v.

  5. Need a little help guys. Noticed my build is extremely fizzy.
    Checked with an audio probe. Hear nice signal at pin 3, but fizzy at 2 and 1. Checked voltages (using an NE5322)
    1) 1.35
    2) 1.12
    3) 0.97
    4) 0
    5) 1.33
    6) 1.37
    7) 1.37
    8) 9.78

    Checked solder joints/connections repeatedly and things seem fine. Help please!