Sunday, 20 January 2013

400th Verified Layout!

Another milestone hit, the 400th verified layout which is really amazing. 300 layouts verified since last March!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to verifications and/or discussions, and to Miro who has really helped me out and is on fire at the moment churning out layouts like a machine. We have so many regular contributors who make the site what it is that it's getting difficult to list you all, but a really huge thank you to everyone.

January is looking like it could be a 100 layout month which would be great.  The site is becoming more popular all the time and we are now getting over 200,000 hits a month, and the addition of the forum I think is really helping to make this feel more like a community.

So thanks again one and all, and Miro is doing the notification for the 500th verified layout so let's get going! :o)

Cheers guys!


  1. Raising the beer that I just opened in celebratory congratulations to Mark and Miro!!!


  2. Congrats guys, you are doing great work, and I hope you know how much we all appreciate it! I'll open a beer as well, cheers!

  3. Congratulations! I truly love this community. The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is grab my phone to see what new layouts await me. Just finished my second board of the night. Now on to my third. Cheers to everyone who helps make this site such a success!
    -- Mike

  4. This is so goddamn cool. 400. That is a big number. Only downside i can see is that the number of available, doable schematics is going down...
    You guys just head on to the request section of the forum page :)

    This really isn't just me and Mark. All of you are doing a lot! I'd personally like to say thanks to Madferret, Dexxy and Rudeez for sorting my mistakes. I seem to do them more than i want to..

    1. although im still struggling with that damn frobnicator haha :D
      thanks for all your effort guys, and i mean all of you keeping this site alive. without this site i would actually have a life and that would suck really...

  5. Congratulations guys, if it wasn't for this place I'd still be struggling to finish anything other than a simple booster circuit. I've now sold my Boss GT-10 and replaced the most used effects with homemade stomoboxes and I couldn't have done it without Mark and Miro and all the insanely helpfull comments from the users of this site. Good work everyone!

  6. Fantastic site, great achievement, congratulations. This site has inspired me more than anything else to keep building.

  7. Not much to add to what's been said. Congratulations and thanks to Mark, Miro and the rest of the community.