Monday, 10 February 2014

Secret efx - Secret-1 Standard

Updated 24th March 2018 - misplaced link corrected.  Thanks to music6000 for the heads up.

Thanks to YuGi from and the forum for the schematic.
This is an interesting design and with loads of non standard values just to annoy us!

Info about the original:

When the Secret-1 Ltd first came out we thought we would never be able to replicate the same circuit in smaller dimensions, but after a lot of dirty job a new little jewel is ready to be played.
The most “fighting” overdrive on the market is back in new tight suit and a sound that’s really close to the LTD version. For those who cares about every centimeter of the pedalboard without give up on high quality here it is: the SECRET-1 STANDARD.
The Secret-1 STD comes with some new important features, in fact with reduced assemblage times and a more “common” case, we’re able to present the new Secret-1 at a lower price than the LTD version.

PRICE: 250 Euro (Only for the first 30 pre-release units)


Demo of the Secret-1 LTD which is the same circuit in a different case:


  1. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but for those crazy resistor values, I order 100-200 of the 5% values in standard values and just test them with my multimeter to get one close to these ridiculous 9k53 values and the likes.

    1. Yes that's the best bet, anywhere close will be enough. I bought a bulk lot of weird E96 value resistors a while ago so I've probably got most of these values, but if I didn't I'd have no problem using a 15K instead of a 16K2, 10K instead of 9K53 etc etc.

  2. Oh my god that demo hurt my brain..

    1. Yes me too, I've changed the vid for a demo of the LTD version

  3. Verified. Used standard value resistors, RC4558D, and C546B for Q1 & Q2. It sounds OK, but I still don't speak Italian.