Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jack Deville Electronics Deuce Coupe

Jack uses some fancy clickless switching for this, and as it is PIC controlled it allows him a lot more options so he was able to program a quick double click to enable the Ultra Boost mode.  This has been simplified slightly here to use simple true bypass switching, and without the PIC functionality the Ultra Boost mode is turned on with a separate stomp switch, or toggle if you prefer (use DPDT stomp/toggle if you also want LED indication).

It has been mentioned that this may be a bit too low gain for some people, although there seemed to be plenty in the vid posted below, but if you want to give it a little more oomph then consider increasing the value of the Gain pot to taste.  The original also uses an LT1054 charge pump IC but I have included the ICL7660S instead as it can be obtained more readily, cheaply and will perform the function of providing -9V perfectly well.

This pedal is currently unavailable, but Jack is a good guy in the DIY community and will always talk about his designs, even correcting schematics and posting his own.  At $149.95 for an extremely well made pedal, consider supporting the builder with this or some of his other effects which also includes Mr Black Effects.

Info about the original:

Why do overdrive pedals sound and feel like overdrive pedals? I've struggled with this as long as I've played guitar, so I set out to solve this problem and I designed the Deuce Coupe-- a circuit that felt good, responded like an amp, and made me play things I hadn't before. Revving up clean boost, overdrive and even distortion was extremely satisfying and easy, but there was one last aspect missing: the ability to absolutely pummel the amp on the fly. And then came Ultra-Boost; the clean-up hitter.

Included are controls for Volume, Tone, and Gain, with an internal trim-pot for Ultra-Boost level.

Deuce Coupe consistently delivers, be the chips up or down, and it does it in spades.

-Light to medium overdrive
-Up to +56dB boost available to push tube amps
-18V internal operation for exceptional dynamic response
-+4 - +16 dB ultra boost


  1. This one looks very interesting, i like the idea of being able to set the amount of ultra boost with a trimmer.
    On the other hand, i don't like the all in one footswich on the original (you need to press 2 times from boost to bypass). It will be much better IMO with a second stomp (or toggle) switch.
    And very nice layout Mark

  2. This can be tagged, thanks! I'd suggest making the trimmer external though in hindsight, or at least easy to access, there seems to be a lot more crunch and boost available than shown in the demo. Cheers

    1. Excellent, thanks for the feedback Benno