Monday, 19 September 2016

Voodoo Lab Superfuzz

This was a request.
You can find the original FSB thread here.


  1. Nice one! I was looking at the request earlier and thinking yeh that looks cool. Will give it a try at the weekend. Cheers Alex!

  2. They're clippers/limiters to ground after the transistor gain stage: you can pretty much use whatever diode combinations you like (including omitting them altogether). Different diodes will clip differently, and therefore sound different. Experimentation is the name of the game here!

  3. Replies
    1. D3 is just there for reverse polarity protection.
      You could use 1n4001 or nothing at all.

  4. Verified! Used a BC327 as had no 2907s. Sounds very similar to the yt vid. Cheers Alex.

  5. Is there any problem remplacement diode 4004 for diode 4007?

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  8. First you need to post some information about your build. Remember we can't see your build unless you post it. We don't know your voltages unless you post them. Right now your guess is better than anyone else's

    There is a debugging section in the forum which would be the best place for you to request help. Only recent comments are visible on the home page so your reply may not be seen here

  9. Thank you Travis, I didn't even know that such section was where.
    I've fixed the problem yet ! Faulty a connection between 2 rows.
    Now it works but far away from the original. It sounds like "muffed",every pots works fine though.
    Any idea about that ?
    Thank you

  10. Nice job! Check out the forum some time, it will be a great resource for you if you need help and it's a great little "community" for anyone interested in building effects

    My first guess would be that you may have used a 10n cap where the 10p is supposed to go. If that ain't it, post your build in the debugging section and we'll take a better look