Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Electro Harmonix Black Finger Compressor/Sustainer

Here is a layout for the older version of EH Black Finger.
You can find the original FSB thread here.
I've used Pedalgrinder slightly modified schematic on page 3.
Some suggested high gain, some low gain transistors.
Should test them both.

... and the LM13700's version:


  1. I built the 3080 version. It works and gets very distorted with the sustain all the way up. It's not a bad thing as it sounds like a great overdrive. I had one of the vintage units and seem to remember it sounding similar, but maybe not quite as much distortion.

  2. The original is distorted as hell. I had two, one powered by TWO 9v batteries. "Distortion less sustain" it said. Yeah, right..


  3. Hi guys,this vero is still unverified?

    1. https://www.ehx.com/forums/viewthread/7380/#37146
      if ya wanna check for yourself, or register at freestompboxes.org and check the thread in the original post.