Saturday, 10 September 2016

Orange AD200b MkIII (On Hold)

Up next in the tube preamp series, I give you the Orange AD200B MkIII. This is the current production AD200B, which has a few changes compared to the MkI, which is why I figured it would be a good idea to make a layout for this version as well. Similar to the MkI, the MkIII is known for great clean, with a focused midrange, but has great grit with the gain cranked.

Unlike the Sunn Model T, this has not been breadboarded and tested out, I just followed the same concepts Ciaran and I used to convert the Model T preamp to use FETs. This means at this point, there may need to be some tweaking to component values to get it just right.

Edit: Putting this on hold until i can get some time to breadboard it and get it sounding right.


  1. Hi ciaran, why is the passiv Input going to drain? The Bernard d'Uur schematicof the mkiii says something diefferent.b oth Inputs are going to Gate. Could you pls help and explain.
    I also count only 9 holes.

  2. Love this preamp, looking forward to the final version!