Saturday, 24 September 2016

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde

This is a verified layout of the Grey Version with an added Bass Boost switch borrowed from V.2
It's basically 2 modified well known circuits in series (TubeScreamer & Shredmaster).
There are 2 versions:
- a true bypass version were you wire two separate 3PDT footswitches in series.
- the original Visual Sound version which uses a Multiplexer Switching daughterboard.
The result should be a much smaller pedal compared to the original.
You can check Strassercaster verified version on the forum section.
Schematic and original thread from FSB are available here.


  1. Thanks again alex this is a fantastic build I love it. I am getting some switch pop now that i boxed it. Idk why my real one has a subtle pop when turning off. this is pretty loud but not as loud as true bypass its like half as loud idk i guess it is what it is.

    1. Same pop on both footswitches?
      Maybe adding a 1M or 2M2 resistor from IN Jack to Ground (there is space on the Multiplexer Switching Circuit from IN Jack to TL071 pin 4) would solve the problem?
      Let me know if it does.

  2. Haha, I totally just sold my silver one.

  3. I have the Red one VJH1 version 2D copyright 1997-2004, and there is a switch marked S2 just like the silver one shown above its right under the spot for the black jekyl toggle switch. This version has 2 toggles one for each side and 2 stomp switches one for each side the the internal switch just like the bypass shown above. Can anyone tell me what the 3 different on off or on on switches do?
    Napalmbats and lovesindoom