Monday 1 April 2013

3ms Pedals / Commonsound Fuzz Jade

Looks like a mash of Fuzz Face and Big Muff. Some of you might find this interesting... :)


  1. Thanks David! I'll tag it.

  2. Any developments with different transistors, David? This pedal looks promising!

  3. Built this using BS170s as had only 2 2N3904s left (order noted) and it sounded really hard clipping so i tried 2N2222As and it made such a massive difference. Now sounds awesome really nice fuzz. The Mud pot only works if the fuzz pot is turned up. If the fuzz is down and mud up you will lose sound but that may be the way it works. Other than that getting some nice fuzz variations from this one. Worth a build if you like your fuzziness.