Monday, 1 April 2013

Korg TNB-1 Tone Booster

Little to none is the amount  of information available on this circuit. Seems like a nice and versatile booster...


  1. Right, this one's verified and it's hmmm, how can I say this? Interesting. You can probably tag it as 'overdrive' as well as a booster, at maximum gain it's verging on distortion. Roll it back a little and it's quite a useable dirty booster with decent EQ control and with the gain set low it's pretty much a clean boost but with the options of adding more treble or bass. The bass and treble dials seem to work by having a flat eq with both dials fully counter clockwise and boosting the frequencies when increased rather than cutting when turned back. With the treble maxed there's definitely a Rangemaster flavour to it but you can go the opposite too and warm things up a bit. Definitely worth a look if you're after a booster that WILL colour your sound.

    Oh and at the moment both the bass pot and the gain pot work backwards so I think they need reversing on the layout.

    1. Fixed the labels and tagged it!

      Thanks for the info Madferret!

    2. No problem, thanks for the layout. It's got a nice sparkly tone, even with the bass up, better than I was expecting. FYI it definitely needs that reverse log pot, I've had to use a linear and it jumps from clean to distortion with the smallest turn. I'll add one to my next Tayda order as soon as they post a frickin' discount code.

  2. I just built this and having a few slight issues. When I have the gain maxed and I try to turn up the bass pot it starts clips insanely to the point of cutting out even with just a touch of bass but when the gain pot is turn lower and I'm using it just as a clean boost it's fine..?? I'll not that I used 250k pots for both treble and bass. It's got me stumped any help with be greatly appreciated. Cheers