Friday, 10 February 2012

Lovepedal Black Magic


  1. Its verified :) BUT

    Does this pedal really have this much noise and low volume? Sounds great though.

  2. Probably, someone mentioned that it was noisy. If you've socketed the opamp it may be worth trying a couple of others if you have a few LM386's or JRC386's, to see if you can reduce the noise. Thanks for verifying.

    1. Hi, I've built this a few times and each time, it seems like it doesn't quite reach the volume of the bypassed signal. I lowered the value of the 470K resistor and this seemed to get it to be a good bit louder. The thing now is that when I turn on my MXR Carbon Copy after it, the volume almost doubles. Any ideas how I could fix this? Thanks for your time, and great site.