Saturday, 21 June 2014

Arsenio Novo Tubesound Overdrive

Old DIY classic with its roots pointing to newsgroup and the year 1995. Briggs has posted the newsgroup message on his blog.
So here it is. Quick and mean. Should be easy enough to be built in fifteen minutes. Just match those transistors.
I know what the first comment will be. So don't bother to ask. I'm posting the Briggs' version right after this one. I thought we need to have both up in our library...


  1. Built this earlier and it sounds really good on single coils, nice light overdrive, it took me longer to find matching transistors then it did to build it. Ended up using a pair with Hfe 240 on my meter.
    So now I need to build the Briggs version, or maybe a trimmed down version like in his notes.

    1. Nice one Alan, thanks for verifying

    2. What would be the result with an unmatched pair?

    3. Transistors won't bias correctly and it'll sound like s**t - if it'll pass signal at all. Even the cheapest multimeters have a hFE measuring function...

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  3. sorry here is the good link !

  4. i built it with a booster LPB-1 to increase his volume, the OD set at maximum sounds nice, but i can't pull the booster's volume more than half becouse it a lot of noise and hum, any ideas to reduce it and solve this? so many thanks in advance!

    p.d. i read about put a huminator plugged to 9v conector.
    here a little video of his raw sound VS Tonebone distortion

  5. Mr. Miro, thanks for posting this great sound effect. I really like it, sometime i combine it with aefea drive to get some dirty sound. Could you help me, what is the trimmer function, when i try to adjust it the output sound is gone.
    And it is possible to make the sound dirtier, what should i do?