Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Black Arts Toneworks Oath

Essentially the oath is the Black Arts Revelation Superbass without any knobs. After VisualFuzz found an image of the Oaths board, and having to enhancing it to see the resistor values without the image being distorted I'm pretty certain that I've got the values and placements for the resistors to replace the pots.


  1. Since the Oath and the Ritual (as part of the One-Knob-Fuzz-Bonanza) are online, one can build the Destroyer, which is just one fed into the other (not sure about which is first in line), as well.

    1. i don't see why not. that's the issue is knowing which one goes first. you could easily do it with 2 boards and an order switch so you can change which one goes first.

    2. I put one together using the Ritual from here once the Revelation was figured out. I also put an FX order switch. It's worth it to make the full Revelation with all the controls so you don't miss out on the fine tuning when stacked, or volume matching when not. They sound heavy together, as you can imagine, yet not so noisy that it's unusable.

    3. Verified. fun build and nice doom ish tones. thanks for the layout

    4. cheers man. good job on the verification.

    5. revised the layout. i flipped the input cap to reflect the way it is in the pharaoh. i believe the schematic had it flipped by accident.