Saturday, 13 May 2017

J. D. Barbato Buttercup Fuzz

Description and info at freestompboxes. Seemed like a nice vintage fuzz adaptation and thus, a cool addition to our library.


  1. Verified! Nice to build up. Thank you very much for your sedulous work.
    This fuzz pedal offers a great variety of different tones and hues from almost silky blues to razor edge metal. Personally I like it most for metal.
    In the lack of germanium transistors I used some MPSW06 silicon fleas which provide a quite low Vbe and a high gain. Instead of the jumper which connects the emitter of the second transistor to ground I built in a 220ohms resistor which can be shortened with an additional switch. This adds a whole new area of sounds which go to almost undistorted.
    This is a really versatile pedal now. Most probably I will give it away and build another one with germanium transistors as soon as I can get some.