Saturday, 10 September 2016

Earthquaker Devices Grey Channel

A dual overdrive based on the classic grey spec DOD 250.
The schematic didn't come from the original EQD pedal.
David has recreated the circuit on his website (Perf & PCB Effects Layouts).
You can find his original and verified layout here.


  1. Verified! Pretty cool sounding pedal. Cheers Alex.

  2. yep, the germanium option is pretty awesome I think. (1n34a from tayda works well in this)

  3. Very nice to have so many different clipping options in one pedal, they all offer something unique too. I added a switch to run channel B into channel A for even more options, the germanium side pushing the MOSFET side is an epecially nice crunchy distortion.

  4. Anyone tried this as a bass overdrive? I'm keen. If not I guess it's mod time 🤘