Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jen Double Sound Fuzz Wah

Couldn't really find a good description of this pedal other then it's a Fuzz-Wah produced in the 70's by Jen. Here's my take based on the schematic. Just like many of the other fuzz wahs I've seen and working on layouts for this is essentially a classic inductor wah with a fuzzface type fuzz. There's a few differences I've noticed compared to a lot of the others. First, there is no control over the amount of output of the fuzz, ie it's set. Second, unlike a lot of the others this one has the fuzz in front of the wah, instead of behind the wah. From the video I found of it, I'm defiantly digging the fuzz and think the component changes gives it a little something different that would be nice as a stand alone fuzz, and the wah has a nice sweep to it as well.

Quick Note: The fuzz should be wired in front of the wah.


  1. I kinda like that they put the fuzz first. Normally I'm kindof a wah after fuzz guy but with my Colorsound having the fuzz and wah on at the same time is so freakin bright, there's no way I can use that sound

    1. Actually the fuzz and the wah are in parallel with each other. So due to the phasing characteristics of both effects there's a lot of interesting cancellation going on with this one. Its a nice sounding pedal.

    2. No it is not parallel, it is series, the fuzz part first, then into the wah. I owned one of these, and am looking at the schematic right now...series. What you are hearing is basically a fuzzface going thru a vox wah, thats all. No phasing or cancellation. Unless you got one someone repaired or modded wrong or built wrong. The stock pedal is series, not parallel