Sunday, 29 October 2017

Friedman Dirty Shirley

Original info:
"The Friedman Dirty Shirley all-tube amp is well known for being one of the most flexible and touch-responsive single-channel amplifiers on the market. Now you can get that same tonal versatility, sensitivity and harmonically rich overdrive in a pedal. The Dirty Shirley Overdrive packs the same intuitive control set as the amplifier, allowing you to dial in your perfect shade of rock in no time. It doesn't matter if you want a high-output cleaner tone for pushing your amp hard or a thick gritty drive that will sit well in any classic to modern rock band, a sweep of the gain control easily gets you there. If you ever want reign in the low end, for a punchier feel, simply flip the side-mounted Tight switch and away you go. If you want to experience the amp’s accolade-garnering tone in the convenience of a pedal, put the Dirty Shirley Overdrive on your board today.
British rock at its best
Though the Dirty Shirley overdrive can scream with an unabashedly rock 'n' roll voice, you'll be surprised at how truly versatile it is. To get more out of the amp you already have, roll the pedal's gain knob back, crank the volume and get a killer dirty boost. And of course, roll up the gain and witness how well the pedal responds to every touch and manipulation of your guitar's controls.
● Friedman Dirty Shirley amp tone in a compact pedal format
● Responds to guitar controls and picking nuance exactly like the amp
● Gain control takes you from gritty to hard rock in no time

Ready for your rig
The Dirty Shirley Overdrive pedal delivers tube like tone in a small pedal format which can be used either into a clean amp or to boost an already over-driven amp. If your amp, or other overdrive gets a bit loose in the low end, throw ON the Dirty Shirley's Tight switch to bring back the percussive attack you crave
Original FSB thread and schematic available here.


  1. Thank you man! You kickass!!

  2. Thank you Alex!!! Difficult but well worth it. Really appreciate your hard work and your willingness to share it.


  3. Another great job! Thanks Alex, I do notice a 3k9 resistor floating on a jumper, i presume it should be somewhere else?

  4. Looks like it should fit between the 18k an the 1M looking at the schematic.

  5. That 3k9 should go from Vref to Tight Switch 2

  6. Wouhou!!!!!
    Great work, thx so much for all these great layouts
    BTW I just finished building my second BE-OD
    with BAV99 smd from Tayda, sounds great

    and Gutshot

    1. What a nice build! And I just love the design of the box! Well done!

  7. Verified!!!
    Working perfectly,
    Lower gain than BE-OD, But still loud.
    I have to box it properly and I will post some pics ;-)
    again thx a lot Alex, great work !

  8. Just built it and...
    What a great pedal !!!
    Thanks Alex !

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  10. Finished and working at the first attempt! Just the volume seems too loud...Anybody else got the same problem?

  11. Finished one here too... Well it's got plenty of gain, it will rip your face off. Sounds great with every setting.

  12. Can any of you post voltages? I have everything built up but it is very very gated and almost fuzz like. My eyeballs are bleeding from looking everything over. I have replaced the op amps and tripple check my components. Last up is an audio probe, but if I have voltages, maybe that will speed up the process. Thanks in advance.

  13. With all knobs and trimmer set at 12 o'clock...

    IC1 TL072
    1. 4.76 8. 8.98
    2. 4.74 7. 4.74
    3. 4.59 6. 4.74
    4. 0. 5. 4.73

    IC2 TL072
    1. 4.71 8. 8.98
    2. 4.71 7. 4.70
    3. 4.70 6. 4.71
    4. 0. 5. 4.70

    IC3 TL074
    1. 4.75 14. 4.70
    2. 4.75 13. 4.70
    3. 4.72 12. 4.68
    4. 8.98 11. 0
    5. 4.71 10. 4.71
    6. 4.71 9. 4.71
    7. 4.71 8. 4.70

    1. Thanks so much. Going to measure in a little bit, that will help a ton!

    2. Whelp, I did something wrong, time to print out that schematic....

      IC1 TL072
      1. 7.62 8. 9.41
      2. 7.62 7. 7.61
      3. 7.33 6. 7.61
      4. 0.00 5. 7.59

      IC2 TL072
      1. 4.94 8. 9.4
      2. 4.94 7. 5.39
      3. 4.95 6. 5.4
      4. 0.00 5. 5.41

      IC3 TL074
      1. 7.6 14. 8.73
      2. 7.66 13. 8.67
      3. 7.57 12. 5.97
      4. 9.4 11. 5.62
      5. 4.94 10. 4.95
      6. 5.00 9. 5.00
      7. 5.7 8. 5.70

      This is going to be some dumb mistake on my part that has been staring me right in the face for the last 3 days....

    3. Thanks again. Bad solder joint on jumper south of tl072 by 22u cap. It would have taken me a lot longer to troubleshoot without your voltages. I started on pin 11 of the TL074 and worked backwards. I know a lot more today than I did a couple days ago.....

  14. A quick question if I may.
    I have the board populated, and will be boxing up over the next day or so, but am wondering what the trimmer is for/how to set it?
    I had a look on the FSB thread linked to above, but nothing jumped out.

  15. What size of enclosure should i built this monster in

  16. I put it in a 1590BB, looks sexy with bakelite knobs and sounds huge. I'll experiment with different op amps and see if I can make it a bit quieter. To be honest, I didn't expect it to have that much gain on tap.

  17. I put it in a 125B : tight but possible ^_^
    My build last year :

  18. my friedman is not working Ive check every bridge and cut the electrolitics and diodes position false solder joints averything look ok. when is on it mekes a hum all the time and i can ear a little bit the guitar with no effect on.
    I used LM324 insted of the TL074.

  19. hi, it was a fx in conected in the wrong place. LM324 is a good sub too

  20. Hello.
    I have built one and I think it works fine. The only problem I find is that the drive does not work well. Clean little, there is hardly any difference between the maximum and the minimum

  21. what are these circles with a green outline between the links?