Saturday, 9 September 2017

Onerr OVD-1 Overdrive

Schematic was recently posted at FSB (Thanks Manfred!), but there are couple small things i decided to tweak for this layout. For one, the original has 4558 dual opamp in the circuit with other half left hanging. This layout has 741 in its place and the transistors are with more common pinout. Nice singing overdrive circuit nevertheless.


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  2. Verified.

    The 1k resistor on the left side of the board should connect to pin 2 instead of pin 1, though.

    Manfred made some corrections to the schematic (
    -The 1k off the volume pot is now 10k
    -The resistors in the voltage divider are swapped (12k and the lower left 10k)

    The circuit doesn't sound bad as-is, but I thought it sounded better after I tried few things that brought it closer to the DOD 250. I preferred the distortion when adding in hard-clipping diodes across the volume pot. I got better clarity when I swapped the gain pot and the attached cap with a 500kc and 47nF, respectively. Finally, I found that a 100ka volume pot had a better taper.