Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Carl Martin Crush Zone

Here is a simple distortion pedal by Carl Martin.
Original FSB thread and schematic available here.


  1. Sounds pretty nice and mid-rangy. I bet it cuts through well in a live situation. Scoop some of the mids, add a flanger and you might have a close approximation of EVH on "Unchained." I'll put this build in my "maybe" pile for now.

  2. May give it a go over the christmas break. The tone seems to do nothing in the vid until it hits the 9oclock position and the distortion control even less. Still worth a look though

    1. Maybe because effect only uses linear potentiometers, but Gain and Volume should be logarithmic?

  3. Why this is unverified? It seems a nice distortion pedal no more producted.
    The difference I see with the schematic I found are just in the power supply.
    The 1N5817 in line to the 9v replaced the 1N4001 across the ground, the 100uF across the ground from the 9v has been added, this is a good thing. The 2.2uF from the VR is in the layout a 47uF, it should be even better.
    Everything seems correct here.
    About the potentiometer: the gain pot is linear, as the Rat and the DS-1.
    With my emulator a linear pot as Volume should be not a problem. But the tone, seems a log pot should be more balanced.