Saturday, 6 August 2016

Moosapotamus Dirty Bird

Here is a layout for Moosapotamus Dirty Bird.
You can find all infos and sound clips on his website here.


  1. What? No Comments?
    Where are all the Noize Freakz on this forum?
    On holliday?

    Great contribution!
    Been eying this one for a while...
    Just built the Rattle Crow today, and it is a whole bag of fun!
    I'm getting some real cool and unstable bass-synth sounds out of it.
    Will build this one as well pretty soon...

  2. Can't wait to build this one. THANK YOU for posting!

  3. great pedal,at certain settings with certain pickuos u can get really synthy sounds. how similar is the roland funnycat