Friday, 11 July 2014

Carl Martin Heavy Drive

Just noticed we didn't have any CM designs on the library yet. Demo vid i found isn't the greatest quality, but it has a Dinosaur Jr. riff, followed by some White Stripes, so i just had to post it. Made me feel like 25 all over again. Pedal seems like a nice distortion unit too. The low noise MC33097 quad opamp may be required for best results, but i see no reason why TL074 or LM324 wouldn't work here too.


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    1. Yes. It has the same pinout, so it'll work. Use a socket and try out a few different ones. :)

  2. Yes it works as in the vidio it :) thank miro..
    Miro could I ask for? I want to layout the AC-2 acoustic simulator, Please!!
    I hope you will grant :)

    1. Thanks for verifying Agung!

      About the AC-2..
      Not a chance. It needs four dual opamps and a 16-pin TC4052, at least. Even if we omitted all the the buffering, the board would be near the size of a DVD box.
      There is a modified PCB project at Aron's forum: