Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DAM FZ-781 J Type Fuzz

Thanks to beedotman for the schematic on FSB.  This uses a 4 position rotary switch to swap the output cap, but none of the values used in the switch are confirmed, so as usual with anything like this it's a much better idea to use the values which suit your taste and gear better anyway rather than someone elses choice so I'd consider auditioning them and keeping the ones you think are most useful for you.  It is intended that the caps are soldered directly to the rotary switch as shown in the diagram but you could extend the board by a few columns, solder them there and take wires to the switch if you prefer.

With this being a positive ground effect like the FZ-673 posted yesterday, some people may prefer to use a negative voltage inverter for both to provide -9V to allow this to be daisy chained with negative ground effects.

I can't find an official description for this pedal which I'm assuming was one of DAM's limited runs.  But it sounds pretty good in this vid:


  1. I forgot to change the labels on the supply wires. This is of course positive ground so get the latest version now posted.

  2. You can tag it. Works fine, nice variant of Tonebender MkII.

    Will have to try different trannies as I have just droped 3 2N404A that I had on hand.

    Can't still understand how anyone can pay thousands of euros for a box like this.... but it's ok for me, as I can charge insane amounts for pedals like this :P