Friday, 17 March 2017

Shin Ei 8TR Fuzz Wah

Can't find much info on a description of it, but what I do know is that it a superfuzz  running into a wah. There's literally 1 component value difference in the superfuzz, the rest is straight up identical to the standard superfuzz.

Quick note about the wiring. Just like the Shin Ei 6TR Fuzz Wah I posted the other day, the fuzz comes before the wah, so you'll wire it up according to the dual effect wiring as shown in the offboard wiring tab. You'll notice instead of making this on 1 massive board I opted for 2 separate boards. This will give you more options for placement in an enclosure, by preventing it from being 1 massive board.


  1. i want to make the shen ei companion wah with the siren hurricane effects. that would be awesome. checked one out in a pawn shop back in 1987 went to the bank and my buddy was walking out with it. i sure would like to make one of those

    1. If you can find the schematic I'm down for making the layout.

  2. Ive actually got a real one of these on the workbench. The guy has taken it out of the wah enclosure and gone with a hammond style. Its developed a nice hum apparently after years of good service. Proding around as we speak.