Friday, 3 March 2017

Dunlop ZW-45 Wylde Wah Crybaby

Figured while i was at it, since there are a few signature wahs that are the based on the same board with a few changes, why not just make post a few other layouts.

First up the ZW-45 Wylde Wah.

From the source:

Modern Cry Baby Master Zakk Wylde and Dunlop have joined forces to deliver the toughest, meanest wah pedal on the planet. Built from the ground up with great tone and rugged durability in mind, this pedal can stand up to the crushing stomp of metal's reigning king of lead guitar. The Wylde Wah features a heavy-duty raw-metal casing and road worthy components to withstand years of ass-kicking abuse. With guts that have been finely tuned to Zakk's specs, this wah is specially voiced to deliver an extra thick and cutting tone.


  1. How can they claim that it was 'built from the ground up' when the board inside - while it says ZW-45 Rev A on the top right, it ALSO says 'GCB-95 Rev H' on the bottom right? Word is... only one cap is different between the two C5? Crazy talk! :)

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  3. If you find that putting a distortion box after this wah results in a clicking noise when the wah gets toward the heel position, try changing the R390 resister to a R550. It got rid of the clicking noise on my build.

  4. Made another one for a mate, on the second one i had to use a 620 ohm emitter resister to stop it clicking.