Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wattson Classic Electrons EFY-6

Found this on TGP from the man himself when he was first releasing it:

Basically, it's an FY-6 with some extra bells and whistles in a "pedal board friendly" enclosure. The official name is the EFY-6, with "E" meaning "Enhanced".
The "Expander" knob has been renamed "Fuzz", and the "Balance" knob has been renamed "Gain", as these more clearly describe what these controls do.

We fiddled with the differential amp and worked out a way to be able to adjust the amplitude of half of the cycles coming out of it. Turn it all the way down and voila! No octave step up! Turn it all the way up and it sounds like an original FY-6. In between you can adjust for however much chord smashing synthy overtones you want. This knob is appropriately called "Octave".

A cross-fade knob was installed between the mid-scoop filter and the voltage divider that used to be connected to a switch labeled "Tone". You can now blend between the two tone settings. Obviously, this knob is called "Tone".

The final stage got a gain boost so that the maximum output signal level is more than 4X the maximum output level of the original FY-6, or more than double the volume.

With the knobs set appropriately, it will sound just like an FY-6. Move the "Octave" or "Tone" knobs away from their limits and you can get tones not possible with the original FY-6.

Unfortunately, Wattson Classic Electronics has shutdown, and while they were around they made very few of these. What brought me to find out about this pedal is that the guys of SUNN O)))) have been known to use this pedal.

Layout 1:

Layout 2: Balance Trimmer Changed to an External Pot


  1. What is the circle with the link(?) coming out of it right above "Balance 3"? Oh it's D1 right?

    This thing is nasty! I love it. I also really enjoy demos by this particular dude. His playing is tasty, and barring a few exceptions, his background tracks are always mixed low enough you can hear the flavor of the device. Ill go ahead and add this to the list. I must have more fuzz.

    1. Yea man, it's D1. I forgot to label it after I wrote the build notes. If you want to build the stock pedal build layout 1. I changed the balance trimmer to a pot, so not sure if it should be linear or log, and not sure how useful it would be, just thought it would be an interesting addition.