Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Madbean Sharkfin Filter (Maestro FSH-1 without Sample&Hold)

Here is a layout for Madbean Sharkfin filter side.
There is already a verified layout for the complete project but I've preferred to use a separated post for this one
24/08/16 Layout updated!
Moved bottom left 3K3 resistor up one row to connect it to 150n output cap.


  1. Nice Job! Thanks Alex. Still thinking this could work well in a wah pedal. Mmmmmm!

  2. How about a layout for only the sample&hold part? (if that is even possible) That's the part I'm most interested in.

    1. Agree! That'd be a great toy. Could any pro do that? Cheers!

    2. The Sample&Hold part wouldn't work on its own.
      It's an add-on board.
      You can read more here:
      I've added a layout in the Forum-Contributions.

  3. OK, so sample/hold board that could be plugged to my snow white filter or any envelope filter make sense.

  4. This thing sounds fantastic. However, it needs a boost at the output, since there is a volume drop when engaged. I threw in an LPB-1 with a trimpot. Did the trick perfectly. I've built a few envelope filters and this is my favorite one by far.