Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Parasit Studio - The Xor'cist

A new Stutter Fuzz / Ring Modulator by Freppo from Parasit Studio.
You can find all info about this project and PCBs at
To make sure this project is built correctly (for momentary or latching Stutter footswitch)
you must follow his Build Document here.


  1. I love the sound of the fuzz on this.Is there a way to build only the fuzz section on this circuit?

  2. Build the full circuit and splash it with holy water to exorcise the fuzz demon within

  3. Just wiring this up for momentary switch with the 3 LEDs. I am confused what to do with L1. Any advice?

  4. Ok, verified! Ignored L1 as it seemed to only be jumpered to L2 on the board with the latching configuration. Loving the fuzz on this.
    Cheers Alex/Freppo!!!!

  5. Thanks Gavin! Sorry but I've just seen your previous post.
    Glad you've found the solution.

  6. Cool pedal. The fuzz sounds nice enough, but the lfo is the star, imo. I might build it.

  7. Oh hell yeah, this pedal is awesome. I'm going to build this for sure, Thanks Fredrik!

  8. Ok sorry if this is a retarded question but what do do with lat 1 ,lat2 and l1/led3 it's probably right in front of me but I can't work it out

  9. Gday guys, I've built this and it works perfectly and sounds awesome, save for the ticking in the 'free running LFO' setting(middle position on the LFO switch).
    Any ideas on how to get rid of it or reduce the noise?
    I too was confused by the L1/LED3 connection.I threw in a LED and connected it to GND and i was on all the time. I'll just use that spot for the bypass LED.

    Keep up the great work!!


    1. Well, upon playing with my build a bit more, it seems the LFO is only affecting the Ringmod side. With the mix at noon and the LFO running, I can hear the fuzz all the time with the ringmod cutting in and out. it doesn't go back and forth between them. And with the mix all the way to the fuzz side, LFO on, it's just fuzz with no stutter effect.
      I'm pretty sure I got all the connections right but will check again.

    2. Back again !! Haha, I was checking all my connections when the double link
      caught my attention. Thinking that I might've missed it, I got out my DMM to check continuity. I had the double link in there across to pin 8 of the 4070 socket but there was no continuity on pin 8 itself. Had a look at the solder and there it was. I hadn't soldered pin 8 of the socket!!! NOW, it's working properly!! Still ticking though :(
      The ticking disappears when the Mix control is a 12 o'clock(50/50).
      either side of that it is present.