Saturday, 12 July 2014

Vox V810 Valve-Tone

Yup. Vox made TS. I omitted the overly complex  power supply section and transistor based LED operation. Input and output buffers are 2SC2389 in the original units. You could also use those instead of 2N5088/2N5089. Just mind the pinout. Schematic i have has the output pulldown resistor at 1K, which seems way too small for me. I left that at 100K, like we find in some other TS derivatives. You could, of course, try the 1K in that position. It could also work as the output cap in most Vox pedals is also ridiculous 100µ. The high pass filter the output cap and that resistor creates has roll off frequency of 0,1-1Hz, depending on the value between 1K and 100K, so i don't think that value will affect the sound at all. Either way. It's so lightly modified TS, that it may be more preferable unit to some when compared against the green classic.


  1. Nice! Used to have the original one and it was great.

    1. Did you build this layout?

    2. Nah. I don't have the need for overdirves. Only fuzzboxes nowadays.