Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fulltone Fatboost V1


  1. Hi,

    I built this project on tag board using your layout, but found a few errors, just two missing jumper wires compared to other schematics and layouts. I built it with the corrections and it works fine, here are the corrections

    thanks for all your work on these layouts! this is the third of yours I've built so far, and my first on tagboard

  2. That's great, thanks Dan. I did a huge batch of layouts one after the other without verifying them so feedback like this is great. I'll update the layout.

  3. hi,

    can I use 1n4004/3/2/1 instead of the 1n4005?

  4. Yes, personally I'd just use the 4001 because it's more manageable. The only differences is the voltage ratings and the 4001 is more than enough anyway. Don't forget to include the two links mentioned by Dan because I haven't updated this yet.

  5. Sorry what about the 3U3 capacitor?
    What's 3U3?

  6. I built this one a couple of days ago. It was my first build actually.

    Everything works and sounds surprisingly good=) But there's something weird with the tone control. From nothing up to 2 O clock it does nothing. From 2 o clock to 3 o clock it does a scraping noise and after that the pedals goes dead.
    any ideas what could be the proplem?

    The only thing I did different from your layout is that I used a 15pF instead of 10pF

    1. Dodgy pot maybe, or the 47n cap. The way the tone control is connected is definitely right so there must be abuild issue. Check also for any dodgy solder joints and reflow if necessary.

  7. the pots were not top quality so I order a couple extra for my next build and a cap to. I've checked the solder joints a couple of times they should be ok.

    thanks for fast reply!

  8. Hi,

    I would like to build this one so what kind of pots should I use?

    Gain - Log
    Tone - Log
    Volume - Lin


    thanks a lot

  9. how to connect the bypass switch ?
    thank you very much
    Emilio Armentano

  10. Hi, can you give us a vero version of this circuit? Thanks!

  11. Hello, i was comparing this to the vero layout, and noticed that in the vero layout, you have a 10uf polarized cap instead of the diode. is there any reason for it? is one better then the other? thanks