Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crackle Not OK


  1. this has too much boost on a minimum pot setting. any way to resolve this?

  2. Tag it. Actually.. Seems like Cortex verified this in may. Boost is in reverse.

    I was planning on doing a SHO with "master volume" ever since Vince suggested it back in July. This happened to be untagged and i recently got a few of those 40mm monster tagboards from banzai, so why not. I got in some mojo too :)

    This makes a decent overdrive with added master volume pot.

    Funny thing about the 40mm tagboard is that this is very tight fit for a B box :)

  3. Any chance of getting a vero version of this?

  4. It's 2N5457 a good bs170s replacement?

  5. No the 2N5457 is a JFET and the BS170 is a mosfet (not the same)

    The 2N7000 is a sub for the BS170, just mind the opposite pinout