Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blue Plate Special

Simple NPN germanium booster that looks like a nice addition.... From the Dragonfly schematic archive.


  1. Call this verified. A rangemaster without the sharp bite you sometimes get. Nice.

    I love the sound of germanium in the morining, it sounds like.......rock!

  2. Built it yesterday as I has an ac127 around. What can I say? When cranked beyond 12:00 produces a nice distortion, not as bright as one would imagine. Stacking it against AMZ mini booster (I built mine with 2 2sk170) , Ge first, creates a very nice and balanced overdrive. I do like it a lot. Thanks for posting.

    Just wondering- changes to a PNP Version would be inverting the electros

    1. Yes. Reverse electrolytics. Ground is ground and supply must then be -9V.