Monday, 5 February 2018

Lovepedal Jubilee

Schematic available here.

20/02 Layout updated! Changed the 47nF cap to 4n7 as suggested by Music6000


  1. Verified
    sound not so bad for 15 min build :)
    Thanks Alex

    1. Thank you for verifying it!


    2. frank johannes8 February 2018 at 12:37
      I agree ! ... goes very well with humbuckers ( I played it with a MelodyMaker with one Burstbucker Pro on Bridge ) ... even like it more than my OCD ... verified and recommended for Marshall-type sounds.

      ... with a Strat I‘d recommend to put a booster in front ...

      thank you very much Alex !

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  3. This is pretty much a slimmed down Purple Plexi. Looking forward to building it!

  4. I tried this as my first stripboard project. I've been skeptical in the past, but after giving it a shot I have to admit that it was pretty easy. I'll definitely be doing some more vero pedals.

    Thanks for all of the amazing layouts posted here!

  5. Hello
    I tested the editing and I have a big hiss, I wondered if the IC is a JRC386D?
    I tried a LM386 and the problem is still present.

    If I cut the link of the legs of the top of the IC I no longer have whistling but more distortion either ...............

  6. How do I get more treble from the tone pot?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. It definitely sounds a bit muddy with single coil pickups. I didn't have a B50k or A250k so I have to lower an A500k and a B100k - could that be the issue? I've heard that altering potentiometer values changes the sweep a bit.

  8. I had completed this build. All controls seem to work.
    However, I find the sound to be muddy and "flubby" in the low end.
    Is anybody else experiencing this or have tips to make it have more high end or presence?

  9. To echo others here I found this a bit muddy even with single coils. I messed around with a few values to make it brighter...

    Changed 22nf for 1nf (this cap appears to be 4n7 in Purple Plexi)
    Changed the 4k7 next to the 22nf for a 12k
    Changed the 4k7 next to the 330r for 56k