Friday, 3 March 2017

Dunlop JH-1 Hendrix Wah

I was asked if I could make a layout for the hendrix crybaby, so here she is. not a whole lot different from a regular crybaby. There are 2 additional caps, resistor change, and different value pot. You may be wondering what these changes do, and in short it moves the sweep range lower.

I have one, it was my first wah, which I got used for $30, and personally I like the lower sweep. I've also compared it with a few others I've built, Colorsound Fuzz Wah and aVox, and I feel there's a nice sweet spot with this one when playing single coils. I know there are those that aren't crazy about it, but hey not everyone has the same tastes.


  1. This was my first wah too! I think it's a pretty good one

    I find the transition from bass to mid a little abrupt, but overall I love the voicing of this one

    1. damn it travis, do we really need anything else in common? lol

  2. Nice as usual ! Question : where can we find the hardware ("the pedal") to connect to the electronic ? Merci !

  3. Hi, just noticed the board is 22 wide not 21

  4. I'm doing maintenance for one and it uses mpsa18 not 13.