Sunday, 10 December 2017

Foxx / Sears Phasing Pedal

Here is a monster layout for a 70s phaser made famous by Brian May.
No many infos/videos around.
You can find the schematic in the original DIY thread here and FSB's here.
To draw a layout for this wasn't easy. To build it would be as difficult.
Double check everything is correct before starting.

There are no great quality videos but I'll add a couple just to give an idea.




  1. Wow, crazy but amazing job!

  2. Alex, you re unbelievable!! i ve got a broken leg so the earlies i can build this is mid-January, but i ll try to check the vero until then!!

    Tto hear whst this pedal sounds like, have a listen to Queen's "White W
    Queen" from live at the Rainbow!

    Thanks again, Alex, for the time and effort you put in all this, quite a substantial contribution .. :)

  3. Hats off, Alex. You did an excellent job!

  4. Wow. Well done. It's my thread from diy stomp boxes. The j112s work perfectly and are very cheap. Just make sure you match.

    I will update the thread with my latest pcb layout very soon for those not so brave.

    Good luck to anyone who attempts this with vero. That's amazing

    1. Yes I will try it :) but I'm interested in your next PCB version, I can't see your schems and layouts of the studio phaser on diy SB :( 2015 is maybe too far for images conservation?

  5. Only took me 8 months to get round to it but heres a link to my pdf if anyone fancies etching my board

  6. hello there is a way to convert the pcb which is in your pdf in gerber or in a file to be able to make it manufactured? thank you