Saturday, 17 June 2017

Tubeworks Real Tube 903

JohnK had made a layout for the 903 awhile ago, and since I did a layout for the 901 i thought I'd see if I could make a smaller layout for the 903 to make it easier to put this in a 1590BB with plenty of room. I took his switch wiring to make it true bypass, and removed the additional LED to tell you that it's got power, which I feel is unnecessary. Schematic can be found on Revolutiondeux.


  1. Hi Zach,
    Thank you very much for doing this layout.
    This is one FX pedal I've always wanted to try out. Soon as I get some time (??) I will build it and see how it goes.
    I have to believe there are others interested as well.

    Thank you again, Zach.

  2. went back over the schematic due to some errors brought up. made the corrections and updated the layout.

  3. the power section has been updated to give the correct +12V/-12V.

  4. Isn't this the exact same layout as the Real Tube 901? Or am I missing something here, lol.

  5. Just wondering, pin 4 and 5 are both heaters on a 12ax7. they are also in connection to pin 9 center heater-tap.

    So if pin 4 is connected to 12v/A+ and pin 5 to ground...wouldn't that short out the voltage on the pedal. Making it not able to work?

  6. Nevermind that ^^^^^^

    I don't know anything of tubes and just saw that heaters always need to be connected to bad :).