Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sekova Big Muff Model 2015

   This is a rare Japanese Big Muff clone made by Shin Ei. It is a clone of a triangle Big Muff, however it has some substantial differences to the triangle Muff layout we have here on the site. The 47n caps in the clipping stages here vs the 1uf caps in the clipping stages of Mark's triangle Muff layout alone should give you a substantially different sound.

   I based this layout on Mark's classic Big Muff template, and included the series polarity protection diode (D1). This diode is not in the original pedal, and you can omit it if you want.


  1. Howdy there--I'm trying to buy all the parts for this, but I can't find a 4nf capacitor anywhere. I was wondering if it would still work if I used a 3n9f cap in its place?

    1. I'm pretty sure that a 3.9nF should be ok. The value is very close and probably most of us use a 3.9nF caps because we can't find any 4nF cap.

      Let us to know if you verify this layout, please.