Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Morley MOD-D1B Distortion One

This one seems to be quite rare thing. You can score one for >$200 at ebay. It is Morley's vision of the MXR Dist+/DOD OD250, with some noticeable changes. Might be worth a build...
Picture from Effects database.


  1. Just gotta say fantastic looking layout mate. Definitely makes for a tidy build. Bloody good job

  2. THANKS!!

    More of the Moreleys, please, any Morley Fuzz layouts out there?

  3. Just built this, pedal works nicely. Thanks for the great site!


    1. I have built this and its a useful effect but found the distortion a bit too bunched up at the clockwise end. I notice that on the Tel-Ray schematic the resistor connected to Distortion 2 is 47K and not 4K7 as in this layout. I swapped the 4k7 for 47K and the response is more gradual. The amount of gain does not seem to be adversely affected. Just a thought.

    2. Thanks for noticing. Copy-paste error :)

      I fixed the value on the layout.

  4. Can a tone control be put in this? Or how can I brighten it up a bit?

  5. I built this one!
    But I was wondering if there is a way to brighten it up a bit????